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01 October 2023 12:41 PM

Indian Defence News : Pakistan's Interior Minister Blames India's RAW Spy Agency For Massive Suicide Attack In Baluchistan; Death Toll Rises To 60A bomb explodes during a procession on Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, in Baluchistan province of Pakistan, on Friday. The Pakistan suicide attack targeted a procession to celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birthday near the Madina Masjid at a place called MastungPakistan interior minister Sarfaraz Bugti has blamed

01 October 2023 12:25 PM

Storizen : Monthly Horoscope: October 2023Step into the cosmic realm as we unveil the mystical October 2023 through the enigmatic lens of tarot cards. As the summer’s warmth gives way to the crisp embrace of autumn, the celestial energies are poised to influence our lives in captivating ways. Guided by the ancient wisdom of tarot, this

01 October 2023 12:19 PM

Indian Defence News : ADA To Roll TEJAS MK-2 Prototype With GE F-414 Engine By 2024The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) have geared up to produce TEJAS MK-2 fighter by 2027-28 and ADA is ready to roll out the GE-414 powered prototype by 2024.As per details, the GE-414 engine will be manufactured in India under 100 percent transfer o

01 October 2023 12:16 PM

India Cricket Schedule 2023, Team India Fixtures, India Cricket Match Time Table, ICC Ranking 2023 : UP T20 League 2024 Schedule, Fixtures: Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024 Match Time Table, Venue, Squads, Players ListUP T20 League 2024 Schedule: Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024 Full Fixtures, Match Time Table and Venue details, UPT20 2024 Squads, Players List The UP T20 League also know as (UPT20 2024 or Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024) is scheduled expected to beginning on Aug

01 October 2023 11:50 AM

Storizen : Weekly Horoscope: October 1 to October 7, 2023Step into the enchanting world of tarot as we explore the week of October 1 to October 7, 2023. Unveil the cosmic secrets that await in this week’s tarot card reading. Join us as we decode the celestial guidance for the days ahead in our Weekly Horoscope. These are based on the Moon S

01 October 2023 11:46 AM

India Cricket Schedule 2023, Team India Fixtures, India Cricket Match Time Table, ICC Ranking 2023 : UP T20 League 2024 All Team Squads | UPT20 2024 Players list, Captain, Squad for Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024UP T20 League 2024 Full Squad | All Six team squads for Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024 | UPT20 2024 All Teams Captain and Players List Are you looking Uttar Pradesh T20 League 2024 All Team Squads, Captain and Players List for the UP T20 League 2024 season? - W

01 October 2023 11:36 AM

TechPP : Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Review: The foldable to flip for!There weren’t very ma

01 October 2023 5:48 AM

archanaskitchen : 10 North Indian Curries Perfect For Special Weekend Dinners, Parties & FestivalsDIWALI is just around the corner and with this festival

01 October 2023 5:40 AM

archanaskitchen : 45 Healthy Yogurt Recipes for Any MealYogurt is a favorite dairy product for most of us. You can have a yogurt plain or you can whip it along

01 October 2023 5:40 AM

VELUDHARAN's TEMPLES VISIT : Sri Serathamman Temple / ஶ்ரீ சேராத்தம்மன் கோவில் / Chozha period Eri / lake Inscriptions, Sekkadu, Avadi, Chennai Metropolitan area, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu.The Visit to This Sri Serathamman Temple at Sekkadu was a part of Shiva, Maha Vishnu, Amman and Hero Stones Visit in and around Avadi in Tiruvallur District on 17th September 2023. This Amman is considered as a village guarding

01 October 2023 5:04 AM

I Love Free Software : How to Convert Any IP Address to a Hostname That Resolves Back to ItIn this article we will find out how you can convert any IP Address to a Domain name) that perfectly resolves back to it using a service called The post

01 October 2023 2:30 AM

Viral Bake : Horoscope Today: Your Daily Horoscope Predictions For October 01, 2023Daily Horoscope: Are the stars aligned in your favor today? Learn what the stars will bring to the zodiac signs of Aries to Pisces on October 01, 2023.दैनिक राशिफल: क्या आज आपके लिए तारे अनुकूल हैं? जानें कि 0

01 October 2023 12:40 AM

I Love Free Software : Free Comics Title Generator for Anime / Comic PublishersComic Title Generator is a free AI-based online tool that enables you to generate creative and befitting titles for comic books. The post Free Comics Title Gene

01 October 2023 12:30 AM

Guiding Tech : 5 Best Fixes for Kindle Not Saving HighlightsIf your Kindle model is not saving highlights or the highlights have disappeared, here are some working solutions to fix this problem. The post 5 Best Fixes for Kindle Not Saving Highligh

30 September 2023 11:00 PM

Guiding Tech : How to Turn Off Downtime on Apple WatchUnable to use apps on Apple Watch because they are greyed out? Here's how you can turn off Downtime on your Apple Watch! The post How to Turn Off Downtime on Apple Watch appeared first on

30 September 2023 10:30 PM

Photings : Wings of hope

30 September 2023 5:37 PM

Books. Babies. And. More. : With blood and flame: how the British Empire changed Bengal by Fazle Chowdhury – Book ReviewBook – With blood and flame: how the British Empire changed Bengal by Fazle Chowdhury Genre – Historical Nonfiction, Indian histor

30 September 2023 3:38 PM

Online Tech Tips : How to Turn Off Do Not Disturb on AndroidDo Not Disturb (DND) limits distraction and improves focus by muting notifications and alerts. You can even configure the feature to silence n

30 September 2023 3:30 PM

Inspire99 : Can You Get Life Insurance If You Are Unemployed?Life insurance is a financial product providing a lump sum to your beneficiaries in case of your untimely death. It can help them cope with the loss of income, pay off debts, and cover other expenses. But what if you are unemployed? Can you still get life insurance if you have no source of income

30 September 2023 2:52 PM

Gaurav Tiwari : Teachable Black Friday Deals 2023: A Complete GuideWith Black Friday around the corner, many educators, course creators, and budding entrepreneurs are looking for the best deals on e-learning platforms. One such platform that has gained significant attention is Teachable. In this article, we’ll delve deep into Teachable Black Friday offers for

30 September 2023 2:47 PM

Viral Bake : EPFO Higher Pension Scheme: Deadline to Upload Wage Details, Extended for EmployersOn Friday, The Employees Provident Fund Organisation extended the deadline for employers to update the wage details and other related info of employees. The Central Board of Trustees or CBT had taken the decision to extend the deadline after assessing the situation. EPFO Extended Deadline to Uplo

30 September 2023 2:08 PM

MediaNama : ONDC September Round-Up: AI, grievance redressal, financial services, Google, exports, and moreHere are all the updates about the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) from September 2023: ONDC Issue and Grievance Management (IGM) goes live: The much-awaited

30 September 2023 12:38 PM

VELUDHARAN's TEMPLES VISIT : Sri Shiva Temple/ Enadhimelpakkam Shiva Temple/ ஏனாதிமேல்பாக்கம் சிவன் கோயில், Enadhimelpakkam / Enathimelpakkam, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu.The Visit to this Shiva temple at Enadhimelpakkam in Thiruvallur District was a part of Pallava period Brahma sastha as Subramaniar Temple, in Andhra Pradesh and a Shiva Temple in Tiruvallur District Visit on 16th September 2023.

30 September 2023 5:57 AM

The Picky Eater : Oatmilk Honey Latte

30 September 2023 2:54 AM

nixCraft : How to block AI Crawler Bots using robots.txt fileAre you a content creator or a blog author who generates unique, high-quality content for a living? Have you noticed that generative AI platforms like OpenAI or CCBot use your content to train their algorithms without your consent? Don't worry! You can

30 September 2023 2:10 AM

Journeys across Karnataka : Cairns and dolmen of GuledguddaGuledgudda is one of the prehistoric sites of northern Karnataka. It is situated within the area known as Malaprabha Basin. The name Guledgudda can be split into Guled and Gudda. The latter means hill, and the former means gypsies or nomads. Together it could mean the hill where nomads camped. This

30 September 2023 12:29 AM

Inspire99 : Should I attend the World Startup Convention as an entrepreneur?I'm pretty sure the event organisers will tear me apart if I tell you that it is not worth attending a world startup convention :D. Also, I find that advice-giving is an awful sin - so instead I just wanted to highlight the pros and cons of attending a world startup convention. Particularly if yo

29 September 2023 7:54 PM

Photings : Fresh light

29 September 2023 6:17 PM

MediaNama : ‘The Liver Doctor’ X account suspended following defamation case by Himalaya Wellness CorporationWhat’s the news: A Bengaluru Civil Court passed an ex-parte temporary injunction order directing X, the microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, to suspend/block the social media handle

29 September 2023 6:05 PM

Online Tech Tips : How to Use Canva Docs to Create Documents OnlineIf you like to use an online tool for creating documents like Google Docs or Microsoft Word’s web version, there’s another application you should check out. Canva Docs brings the features you enjoy for graphic designs and presentations to its visual document creator. You can use Ca

29 September 2023 3:30 PM

Books. Babies. And. More. : Being Heard by Al Ameel – Book ReviewBook – Being Heard by Al Ameel. Genre – Mental Health Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the Light ente

29 September 2023 1:38 PM

Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides : How to Install VLC Media Player in RHEL-based DistributionsThe post How to Install VLC Media Player in RHEL-based Distributions first appeared on Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides .VLC (VideoLAN Client) is an open-sourc

29 September 2023 1:01 PM

Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides : How to Install VLC Media Player in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux MintThe post How to Install VLC Media Player in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint first appeared on Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides .VLC Media Player is an open sourc

29 September 2023 12:15 PM

rupam sarma { xhobdo } : River Stories

29 September 2023 11:58 AM

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL : Artist Way + Poet Cheryl Batavia’s New Book + PodcastHave you done a creativity course?… Continue reading Artist Way + Poet Cheryl Batavia’s New Book + Podcast

29 September 2023 9:39 AM

SQL Authority with Pinal Dave : SQL SERVER – Manage Database Size with DBCC SHRINKDATABASE and WAIT_AT_LOW_PRIORITYFirst thing first – If you have a choice to shrink the database and not shrink it, find reasons to not shrink it. Database administrators are often tasked with managing the size of a SQL Server database. The DBCC SHRINKDATABASE command is a powerful tool in their arsen

29 September 2023 7:00 AM